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I still don't know if that means sex or cuddling, but either way, it makes me happy and I'm looking forward to it.

She has some plans with her friends so we go hang out with them. Roommate is hot, and I find one of the friends really hot too, but I ignore that and do nothing about it because I already know I'm gonna spend the night with her and I'm happy with that.

I asked her what she was originally going to say would be great and she couldn't remember.

I pulled my pants up and decided I HAD to tell Reddit. FYI: my girlfriend is an avid redditor also, and I have her permission to post this.

Our records show that Krystal Steal is currently Krystal is what it is.

There is nothing extra special here but there is nothing sub-par here either.

The reason I ask is because I think I mine just finished writing itself: I was surfing r/pics while my girlfriend was making some tea in the kitchen.

She suddenly asked me: "You know what would be great?

After she swallowed it, she got up and went back into the kitchen and finished making tea.

She turns out to be one of the most fun people to give head to ever. So after we're both (temporarily) done and resting, she gets up, says she's going for a moment, I forget if it was to the bathroom or to get a drink or what, but I lie in bed happily and the minutes pass...

and I start wondering why she's not back, so I go out into the hallway and hear chatting from her roommates' room.

I'd never visited her at her place before (she lived far away from me, I was on a road trip) and she said I could spend the night, so I was hoping for a hookup, but I really didn't know and was going to be okay either way - no major expectations.

I get there and figure out in passing that she's planning to put me in her bed, because she has me put my stuff in her room and there's only this one bed there to sleep in.

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She'd gone in there to bum a cigarette from her roommate, and they were very close friends so they quickly fell into conversation and got distracted.