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For all of these reasons, I feel like you’re asking the wrong question here, Charmaine.

Instead of getting down on one knee to ask him to marry you, try having a conversation to assess what he’s actually thinking.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to 3 years. Be that as it may, I want to make things official and get married, and I have communicated my desire to marry.

He is significantly younger than me (I’m 36 and he is 25). We are nearing 3 years together, and I would have imagined given that we are living the life of a married couple, that it should have come up already, or sometime soon.

But sometimes, “not knowing” can be pretty paralyzing.(By the way, do you want to marry him because you’re highly confident you’re going to be happy over the next 40 years with him?

Or do you want to marry him because you love him, you have a kid, and you’ve already put in 3 years?

I have known Sally for almost 10 years and she does not fit into one of those categories.

Sally is relatively new to online dating and doesn’t realize that there is an unwritten code of conduct when it comes to writing emails.

e Harmony already gives you the questions (or you can ask your own) and all your match has to do is respond to those questions either in their own words or pre-answers that e Harmony lists.

Because if he wanted to marry you, he would have proposed to you. I mean, I have a defense — he doesn’t KNOW — and some people, if they’re not POSITIVE, don’t want to take action, or think it means that something is wrong. When I was 25, I was a big believer that chemistry was everything and that I would “just know”.

By 35, I didn’t “know” my wife was the one, but I had a pretty good hunch and made a smart, nuanced decision that has rewarded me many times over.

After work I had exactly 30 minutes to drop my car off at the dealership before Pilates class began. ” – Sally Ok, so what we have here on the surface is a seemingly innocuous looking email from Sally to a guy named John.

The girl at the rental car place was taking her sweet time and the printer was malfunctioning so by the time I got out of there I was already 15 minutes late to class. In it, she describes her hectic day and how nobody/nothing was on time.

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