Who was shawn johnson dating internet dating infographic

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(Like I said, photo together = dating in tabloid world).

When Hough first met the British musician in 2010 he hadn't actually heard any of her songs.

The poor guy has been linked with just about everyone he ever danced with on DWTS.

Except for devout Christian and Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson who is apparently so beyond being linked with Hough that when you Google "Derek Hough Dating Shawn Johnson" it corrects it to "Derek Hough dancing Shawn Johnson" But Johnson aside, Hough has been linked with 10 ladies since 2000.

He was originally hired to help choreograph her music video and admitted he had to Google her to learn who she was.

So Seacrest set her up on a fake date with Derek Hough!

Her post workout meal ranges from peanut butter and jelly sandwich to grilled chicken.

For breakfast, her go-to meal is egg white omelet, toast with strawberry jam and green tea.

"I think often in this culture people take advantage of their friendships.

I've never spoken about her because her friendship is important to me," he told the Daily Mail last year.

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Let's take a trip down Hough's lady memory lane, shall we?