Who is wes ramsey dating Filmon mature

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Who is wes ramsey dating

I have always admired the incredible force of her talents and over the years have been inspired by her work to push myself farther. #sidetrackedseason3 #thatsawrap pic.twitter.com/or PXh Fgi UH (I enjoy sharing about the things I'm proud of. This one hit home for me.) #gratefulman -Wes Ramsey Talks General Hospital, "Paxie", Poetry, His Film Perception and More! Wes looks pretty excited in the background as well probably because they are engaged now. Laura Wright has been sharing photos on her Instagram that they are there on a trip.It looked like the couple had a great time while they were there together from all the pictures.It seems the Laura got tired of the chatter and decided to address it head on.You can see in the Instagram post above from late-March 2019 she said in all caps “WE ARE NOT PREGNANT”.

Ever since spoilers revealed Carly Corinthos’ pregnancy, the rumor mill has been in overdrive that had written in Laura Wright’s real-life pregnancy.There is a lot of speculation that they are engaged the picture explains why everyone thinks that as well.Maybe they are waiting to make a big announcement when they get home again.Especially since Carly Corinthos isn’t getting any younger.So, fans are dying to know if Laura Wright is pregnant in real life and that’s why spoilers first revealed pregnancy symptoms, the assumption was that they were symptoms of something else.

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The tests are back soon and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will take Carly to find out the news.

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  1. She kidnaps a baby, then holds a funeral in a bar—complete with a tiny casket filled with the dead body of an alley dog—to fool the agent into thinking the baby died. “Darkest thing we’ve ever done,” her brother agrees.