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The Kentucky Derby was held at Churchill Downs over the weekend, and as usual, many of Hollywood's best and brightest made the trip to Louisville. To many, the idea of any six-year old posing for a professional modeling campaign is appalling.For most of the celebrity attendees, the Derby was just one of many high-profile red carpet events on their calendar for 2018, but for one famous name, this is the social highlight of the year: The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 Episode 1, the 2014-15 premiere of Patti Stanger's long-running "dating" program, featured a famous, familiar face: Larry Birkhead! But when that six-year old is the offspring of a troubled late ex-model?Larry met Anna Nicole at the set of “The Anna Nicole Show”. After that Larry started the court battle for Dannielynn. Now Larry Birkhead lives his rich but calm life out of the limelight.They started dating, but Smith tried her best to keep their romance in a secret. That time Anna Nicole was frustrated by the death of her older son Daniel, who had passed away after drug overdose. He wants his daughter to have a happy childhood and to avoid the tragic fate of her mother.” Nowadays Larry’s daughter is 10 years old, and he tries his best to form the right opinion about her mother in Dannielynn’s eyes.“You can read many things about your mother in the Internet, but not all of them are true”, he explains to his child.Not long ago his daughter Dannielynn modeled for Guess – just like her mother in her best years.After that Larry was criticized for “making his daughter to earn money for him”, but he answered to criticism, “That happened just once.

The douchebag of a photographer has worn a t-shirt bearing Smith's likeness, and posed for tabloid photos by her grave. But there's one person who hasn't fully received this message: Larry Birkhead displays d-bag qualities from time top time, but even THG has to admit ...I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. In his 44 he is as sex-appeal as he was in the remote 2000s, when he met ex-Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. He insists, the main source of his wealth is his work of a fashion photographer and the earnings he gets from flipping houses.Birkhead tells, he loved Anna, but their relationships were full of conflicts and very often he packed his bags in order to leave her. But a couple of weeks later Anna Nicole went away herself. Larry called to Anna and tried to hear the news about his baby, but Anna cried on phone. The single father and his daughter live in a beautiful house in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky.One day, when Birkhead was going away, she took his hand and put it on her stomach. She boasted with her pregnancy through social media. The photographer demonstrated his residence and the way of life in an episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap”.

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held at Churchill Downs on Saturday (May 7) in Louisville, Ken.

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