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With her, rather unfortunate pregnancy experiences during her early teenage years, very few people could have expected Jo Keita to rise from the ruins and make it this big in life.At the moment, apart from the childhood pregnancy, there is not so much information about Jo Keita’s earlier days.Due to her almost irreplaceable personality, the crew leader has over the years found it difficult to do away with her.

However, the Black Ink Crew has been one of the greatest of them all. V show has afforded such a reputation is the efforts and the uniqueness of its personalities.

After graduating, she decided to fully pursue a career in the field, and in a short time, she earned a reputation as a respected tattoo artist, and so decided to move to New York City to expand to a larger audience, and she was hired by the popular tattoo shop “Black Ink”.

She is the only female tattoo artist employed by the company, and over time they all became part of the television series “Black Ink Crew”.

It can as well be assumed that her childhood days were just like those of any other average child.

Jo Keita has never openly talked about her parents.

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