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What is validating identity

There is a great deal of misinformation in this space, and it’s important to note this is not an academic integrity guideline.

As such, mitigating assignment or portal identity fraud, while needful, is not the aim of the new regulations.

This can be done at a reasonable cost to the student or institution.

The Difference between Academic Integrity and Fraud Prevention The need to introduce authentication measures is not an academic integrity provision, but a fraud prevention requirement.

The OIG recommendations seek to reduce fraud in admissions, financial aid and student identity in an online class.In addition, confusion is created by a misunderstanding of the definition of the words used to describe the process.The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is recommending the DOE create authentication compliance standards and, as with any new legislation, many companies are there to solve the problem.The chance that one identity is fraudulently replicated in other documents exactly the same way is theoretically possible, but remote.In many ways, sending an access code to a phone could be validation since it is relying on nothing more than a person claiming to be the same person that owns the phone.

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