Validating sap

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Validating sap

A substitution is enforced if the prerequisite is met.

Substitutions are also activated at the company code level and can be a constant value, a user exit or field-field assignment There are 5 call-up points which can be used for Substitution or Validation.

If the field value is blank, the call-up point does not appear in the screen to define Validations or Substitutions.

The fields can have the following values: Generally, only the values blank and X are used.

This document explains the situations for FI Substitutions/Validations exclusively.

The situations may or may not apply for substitutions and validations in other application areas Validation consists of perquisite, check and message.

For Substitutions (CLASSTYPE = S), in table BKPF (BCLTAB = BKPF), field BUDAT (BCLFIELD = BUDAT) is excluded (BEXCLUDE = X), whereas, field BKTXT (BCLFIELD = BTXT) is available (BEXCLUDE = blank).

So, from BKPF table, field BTXT can be used for substitutions, but, BUDAT cannot be used.

The validation rules are activated at company code level.

The class type refers to RCLASS or WCLASS or both from GB31.

The class type in GB01 is ‘B’ for Validation, ‘S’ for Substitution and ‘A’ for both Validation and Substitution.

This can be observed in the screen shots below: We were trying to create a substitution that modifies the payment block field at the document line item level based on certain criteria.

The development and unit testing went fine in the development system.

validating sap-87validating sap-81validating sap-5

The Boolean class which was read from table GB31 will be used here.

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