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AS you know Sony is not supporting notebook anymore.

Cables are -3, and programmers are cheap usually only -6. If you can solder good, you only need CH341A programmer and either remove BIOS and reprogram with stock BIOS, or also get 1x new blank chip to program and put in place of old one after removing, or you can buy pre-programmed one on ebay.You'll have to find local shop to clean it up and reflow, or friend.Flux you'll have to Google to read about, it's usually made of rosin from pine trees, or other chemicals, feels like Vaseline, it helps solder flow freely and helps it quickly and properly connect to the intended metals. So basically they also placed the resistor in the wrong place?All "Cold Solder" joints, quick and easy look at these for anyone looking later (@Sony)Soldering like this is not something you can pickup a soldering iron and do, as you can tell from "Sony's Service Center" work here.It's too involved, has to be done properly on something this intricate, and it's too easy to short since flash pins are close together.

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I have pointed out about the wrong BIOS update just to help them understanding the problem.

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