Tips on dating a libra man cheryl bradshaw dating game

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Tips on dating a libra man

Be brave to look him in the when you talk to him and raise your head a little bit.7.

Play Push and Pull No man hates challenge, especially when it comes to woman.

Don’t act like a princess who is afraid to go beyond her comfort zone.

He’ll see you as a woman who always open for a challenge and how you always managed to enjoy yourself.6.

He’s rather seeing you hang out and have fun with your friends rather than being too dependent on him5.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone Push yourself beyond the limits and show him what you capable of.

Also, don’t cancel you prior appointment just because he wants to suddenly meet you. Don’t Waste Your Time and Show Him Well, this Libra man is kind of straightforward when it comes to love.

Show him and send signals that you love him before everyone else does. Say it with Your Eyes Give him a meaningful look every time he gaze you in the eyes.

Like you can’t anything if he’s not around, and bombards him with texts and calls every time he’s not replying as fast as you wish.4.Libra man, in most of the circumstance, will play tough. Whatever the circumstances may turn out, he would never be willing to show that he misses someone. He would want to be seen as a strong guy who is not emotionally dependent on anyone.However, there are enough signs present to look through the Libra man and adjust accordingly.Don’t give it all in one go, instead give him the chance to chase you and becoming curious.Sometimes when he texts you, don’t reply right away and don’t always be available whenever he calls.

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Libra man wants a woman who is able to connect with her.