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Thailand dating and marriage culture

While couples in both countries tend to split the bill between themselves, German men are okay with taking all the bills. If you happen to have a conservative mind, and your boyfriend is the modern ones, he may wonder why he should take all the bills.

But for some other German men, letting women paying their bills themselves is an insult to their pride.

Your German boyfriend will respect you for having your own view rather than be offended because you don’t agree with him.7.

Learn about the world’s latest issue Germans are known for their smart and highly educated people.

 Thai dating customs are largely coming out of the expectations in Thai society.

Thai people expect a spouse to respect the partner’s family.

They also see each other as a strong and independent person, so you will rarely see a man opens the door for her woman.

Germans are not easily offended As they live with a strong gender equality, it’s better for you to speak up about anything.

You may have a different thought with him and it’s okay to voice them out.

Though, it may be changing now, very few Thai girls opt for discrete sexual experiences during dating.

During the initial phase of dating, absolutely no going to bed, not even hugging […] Before deliberating on dating culture and customs in Thailand, it must be understood that no single dating culture exists and the culture changes from area to area.

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We were both older though she was 15 years my junior. I was divorced with an adult daughter […]  Post marriage, Thai ladies prefer peace to ambition if it comes at the cost of conflicts.