Swift dating chord

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Swift dating chord

I don't know how or why, but this relationship definitely blew up more than the others.People really liked them together, even his family.Apparently the young music diva is ready to socialize and get back on track with her life. The hockey game seemed super-fascinating for both of them and the perfect occasion to get to know each other.The chosen one, she would like to spend more time with in no one else but the beloved ‘Glee’ star, Chord Overstreet. The reliable sources suppose that Taylor and Chord met through, Paul Overstreet, the father of the Glee star, who is one of the most talented country music singers of our time.Everyone was rooting for them, especially since it would have been such a beautiful, music-video-turned-real-life happy ending.

If they actually dated, Chord Overstreet would have been the second "Glee" star Swift got her hands on.Taylor wrote "All Too Well" about her relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal.The two were seen out together on multiple occasions, but people probably forget about them because their relationship only lasted a few months.And for the worst reason." Rest in Paradise, Number 5.This "Hannah Montana: The Movie" star seemed like a really good match for Taylor.

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As a serial dater myself, I'm definitely not bashing the girl for dating a lot of guys.