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Collateral information is also collected about personal, occupational, or medical history, such as from records or from interviews with parents, spouses, teachers, or previous therapists or physicians.

A psychological test is one of the sources of data used within the process of assessment; usually more than one test is used.* (CITATION) Before diagnosing a psychological disorder, Clinicians must study the themes, also known as abnormalities, within psychological disorders.

Intelligence testing may be part of the process of determining sanity.

Tests frequently used are the Woodcock-Johnson, the Weschler (adult and child versions), and the Stanford-Binet.

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It is not a medical term, although the opinions of medical experts are often important in making a legal decision as to whether someone is sane or insane. "Insanity" in this sense could be considered to be one of many psychological disorders that would cause one to be unable to function in a court room and understand their rights.

"Temporary Insanity" was a previously common but largely ill regarded legal excuse in the earlier days of psychology.

The determination of sanity will almost always start with a comprehensive psychological or psychiatric assessment.

A substance abuse evaluation often occurs at this point; there are tons of testing instruments for substance abuse assessment, and the criteria examined from a forensic point-of-view is less focused on the individual than on community safety.

, such as tests of normal and abnormal personality, tests of ability or intelligence, tests of interests or attitudes, as well as information from personal interviews.

This score is used as a general indicator of a person's ability to function in society and maintain self-efficacy.

The lower the score, the lower a person's abilities are seen; however, note that this is an intelligence assessment.

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