Slow response online dating

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Slow response online dating

When it comes to this text game garbage I would take it as a sign she isn't interested or they are of low quality if the response time starts to exceed more than a day.

But if she's Well maybe not entirely with Cryogen_at_work's point, you should keep what he says in mind.The texts I do send to girls I'm interested in are fairly short and usually don't exceed more then 10-20 messages back and forth before I see them again or make plans with them.Just another observation from my perspective, if I text a girl the highlights of my week, I have hard time talking about it in greater detail when I see them. If I only like a girl as a friend, I'll respond quickly to a text.Usually I read a message then put my phone away again until I have time to respond.Usually the opportunity arises within an hour or two.

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(I know this because they've told me about the guy and explained their level of interest).