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Slovakiandating com

Some western style banter and teasing may simply not make sense to them.

They don’t seem to crave the super alpha caveman persona that some Russian and Ukrainian girls seem to go for.

Compared to Czech girls, Slovak girls instantly appear more feminine.

They are a good example of what sticking to tradition and rejecting the sirens of Western consumerism can do for a society.

Slovaks think Czechs are too German for their own good.

Slovakian girls, like most Slavs, are generally physically attractive, and like their Czech cousins who have a blended look with the Germans, the Slovaks seem to have a blend of Slavic, Hungarian and Austrian to them.

It’s hard to believe that Bratislava was at one point the capital of the Hungarian Empire, though it retains its industrious and elaborate architectural atmosphere.There are some real stunners tucked away in this quiet land.They love working out and looking their best, trying to squeeze into a size -1 dress.While Czechs are some of the least religious people in Europe, Slovaks are some of the most so it provides for an interesting contrast to two countries who used to be one.Czechs jokingly refer to the Slovak language as a farmer’s dialect.

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Practical, comfortable but feminine is how I would describe a typical Slovak girl; a true blend of the German and the Slavic mentality.

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