Single christian dating tips

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Single christian dating tips

Even some who were married concluded that it was more spiritual to abstain from sexual relations in marriage.

But I believe that if God is calling me to be a missionary and a father, then my children should stay with me on the mission field.There were problems with immorality even among the members of the Corinthian church.Apparently, in reaction to the sensuality of the culture, some in the church were saying that all sex is wrong. Perhaps they even pointed to the Apostle Paul as their hero.But it’s much more difficult to be imprisoned or face martyrdom if you’re married, both for you and for your family.If you sense God’s call to be a missionary to a part of the world where you may likely suffer persecution or severe hardship for the sake of the gospel, you should consider remaining single.

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Many Christians put pressure on singles, especially those getting along in years, to get married.

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