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Show and rainie dating 2016

It was disturbing to see Ah mon force a kiss on Qi Yue every now and then.

Ah mon is a ‘devilish’ character on the show but he is a good guy too, right?

However, Yuan Yi eventually learns about Qi Yue’s feelings for him and reciprocates the same.

Out of Ah Mon’s clutches, Qi Yue feels relieved till she gets to know that her mother is remarrying and the man she is about to marry is Ah mon’s father.

She breaks up with Yuan Yi and starts dating Ah Mon.

Sadly, their love is doomed because they are to become siblings as their parents will be marrying each other soon.

I loved the Taiwanese adaptation of Itazura Na Kiss so much that I decided to watch more Taiwanese dramas.

Her frequent encounter with Ah Mon creates a soft spot for him and she gradually grows to like him.

The show is about Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) who is in love with a classmate named Yuan Yi (Kingone Wang).

She tries to confess her love by writing him a love letter.

Tamron Hall was a member of NBC News for over eight years now, rising from MSNBC anchor to co-host of the Today Show‘s third hour.

On February 1, it was confirmed that she’s leaving NBC News to make way for Megyn Kelly.

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The budget for Taiwanese shows is usually low which is why the video and audio quality is dismal.

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