Short funny sayings about dating

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""We're both lucky we got out early before we really knew each other.""Oh yes, good thing neither one of is still interested in the other," Brent said with a playful grin.” ― “Every letter was a love letter.

Of course, as love letters went, this one could have been better.

Let him know just how strong your feelings are by comparing it to something he'll find funny and relevant. Give him a visual he won't soon forget when you show how he makes you feel.“You fucking made me attend tea parties.”She remembered his threat before the first one: “Tell anyone and I’ll eat you and use your bones as toothpicks.”~ Talin and Clay dialogue” ― “Ranger appeared in the bathroom doorway and I was too relieved to be embarrassed."I appreciate you coming out in the middle of the night," I said. "I didn't want to miss seeing you chained up naked.” ― “I profess not to know how women’s hearts are wooed and won.Whatever you say, make sure it comes from the heart and sounds like something personal.Valentine’s Day might be over, but don’t let the lack of holiday thwart you from posting about your significant other on social media. In fact, to help you get inspired to post a photo of your partner, we’ve collected some hilarious Instagram captions for date night.

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Keep your relationship happy and interesting when you send the guy you like a funny quote.

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