Sailor moon dating simulator 2 One to one online chatting with hot girl

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Sailor moon dating simulator 2

Join Jordan and Chris as they, in turn, join middle-school girl Usagi Tsukino as she meets a talking cat with a bandaid on her head and learns of the grand destiny that awaits her!

No guest this week, but instead, learn why two strapping young lads like our hosts became so enamored of a cartoon made for school girls! Episode 001 - Moon Podcast Escalation The second episode features fortune telling, underwear flashing, rock throwing, shoe flipping, and our very first special guest commentator, Juliet Kahn!

You can go shopping for gifts any time during the game. If you got the best ending you'll receive a love letter from Usagi (instead of a regular letter which means you failed to win her love) asking you for a date.

Once you have a gift, you can give it to Usagi during any date.

On this occasion, the aim is to win over the love of Rei Hino, but if you have fallen in love with other characters, don't hesitate about searching for the rest of versions.Episode 005 - Ostensibly Cute Yet another episode not originally brought over to the United States--presumably because US kids would not be sophisticated enough to appreciate jazz music.We're joined by comic book editor and cat fan Jeanine Schaefer to discuss smooth jazz, hot musicians, and how to blow off creepers who give you damp flowers on your birthday. Episode 006 - A Waltz for Akiko Who doesn't want to be famous, am I right?Once you have a gift, you can give it to Hotaru during any date.Day 21 is the last one, the ending depends on your actions.

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If you have been a gentlemen and you have caused butterflies in the stomach of your heroine, you will receive a letter asking for a date.

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