Russian federation dating site

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Russian federation  dating site

Other non-Russian companies on the list include video-sharing site Vimeo and China’s We Chat.Other apps like Snap and Telegram say they were placed on the list without their knowledge and without signing any kind of agreement.Dating apps are an attractive target for repressive governments because they collect a lot of highly personal information about their users, including photographs and intimate conversations.Tinder’s privacy policy says it collects data on when you log in, how you behave on the app, and “how you interact with other users.” From that data, Tinder is able to create a profile of who you are, your age, sexual orientation (even if you haven’t listed it), and who you find attractive.The Tinder request is part of a string of restrictive actions the Russia government has taken in recent years to control who uses the internet and how.Most recently, Russia moved to bolster its firewall.In March, the Russian Parliament adopted rules that allow the government to imprison anyone who spreads disinformation or insults a politician online.Russia is part of a growing trend on countries that are exercising more control over the internet.

“Whether you've been blocked by the government, or just having a bad day with connectivity—most of your customers don't care,” says Danny O’Brien, an open internet advocate at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, “They'll just move to a service that is available all the time.” He says that Telegram has been able to survive because it already had a base of devoted users in Russia who looked for ways to avoid the government ban. But if you want them to use your search engine, network on your social media platform, or use your messenger to share their favorite memes, then Russia wants you to know one thing: You have to play by its data-sharing rules.Tinder is the most recent platform to get the message.Unlike China’s Great Firewall, Russia doesn’t yet have a foolproof way to block online services.Russia tried to block Telegram in 2018 after the encrypted messaging service refused to turn over user data.

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