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Validating a HTML form in Javascript is almost the part of every web application.

___________ If the condition ("x is Na N") does not apply, i.e. ;-) (They, among others, are DROPping or filtering ICMP requests, which is considered antisocial.) What comes to /my/ mind here is of course to use DNS directly, therefore host(1) or nslookup(1) (from the BIND9 host utilities), where the latter is deprecated. If "N" is not the string representation of a numeric literal, that value is Na N. It's reasonable to check that mailto: is followed by a match for .. In that case, To Number("N") always returns a number value. Example : and https://xxx and mailto:xxx can certainly start a URL; faxto:xxx might well indicate a new protocol; c:xxx and c:/xxx almost certainly indicate a mistake. Neither pinging or dns resolution will tell you if a web server is running, though. [...] -- Rob If that's what you want, you could just use nslookup instead.

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ping the resolved address is returned, even though the request will time out).

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