Recovery singles dating

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Recovery singles dating

Robin told us she’s regularly contacted by members who tell her how Sober Gay has positively impacted their lives.

So many have found meaningful friendships and loving relationships on the site, which makes Robin proud of the path she’s chosen in life. “To be able to help people find common ground and connect is a great feeling.” She added that she believes Sober Gay Dating is successful because it gives singles a chance to bond with others who directly understand them.

The site’s search capabilities allow multiple avenues to pinpoint the type of person you’re looking to meet.Get on the phone call as soon as possible.” Robin said, with that call, you’ll get an idea if this person can keep up with you and if you have some natural chemistry. A first meeting, Robin said, should be quick and easy — sort of like a drive-by. By opting for a short first meeting, if it’s going well, you can always extend it into lunch or dinner.Singles who want more of Robin’s advice can purchase her ebook “The Original Cyber-Dating Guru’s Guide to Online Dating.” The text is chock-full of advice and best practices singles can use to help maneuver their way through today’s dating landscape.She said spending day after day communicating without meeting in person or talking on the phone could be a mistake.“It’s important to see if you are telephonically compatible,” she said. People misconstrue things and people want to hear the intonations of voice. You usually know as soon as you see each other if this is somebody you’ll be interested in.” But that doesn’t mean it’s all about looks. If you lock yourself into a long meeting and it’s not working, you have to fumble through the awkward “find an excuse to leave” dilemma or just grin and bear it.

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