Recommended etiquettes while dating

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Recommended etiquettes while dating

There is a prevalent saying in China that happy events come together.Hence, whenever an event of great rejoicing and congratulation occur, the gifts will be all sent in even numbers and accordingly those sent in odd numbers should be avoided as taboo.Funeral and Interment Etiquette: The traditional funeral has heavy and complicated rites and trivial procedures.

Nor are you allowed to send medicines to healthy people and undergarments to friends of the opposite sex.

There are mainly three kinds of etiquettes in China.

The first category is the daily life etiquette: including meeting etiquette, introduction etiquette, conversation etiquette, banquet etiquette, reception etiquette, dance etiquette, etiquette of gift giving and etiquette of visiting a sick person.

When congratulating a friend of the same generation on his birthday, you don't have to comply with formality and present a gift.

In the case of congratulations on an elder's birthday, apart from being particular about clothing, you must bring a gift which contains the meaning of health and longevity, such as an exquisitely designed cake or a memorial gold congratulation card.

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Before visiting a sick person, it is best to prepare a gift.

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