Rating and dating complex definition

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The daughter would either respond by living up to the father’s expectation and even actually living her father’s unfinished dreams; or rebel.There are fathers who wanted a son but ended up getting a daughter.

Essentially, this grade is added to the predetermined "intrinsic score" to obtain the overall grade like BBB.

Freud viewed the Oedipus complex as explaining the developmental stage when a child transfers his devotion from the breast to his mother, according to Purdue University's English department.

Women who exhibit a similar obsession with their fathers are said to have the Elektra complex, which Freud derived from a Greek play called Antigone.

That is, the rating greatly influences interest rates, investment appetite, and bond pricing.

Furthermore, the independent rating agencies issue ratings based on future expectations and outlook.

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A forecasted top-down approach of the overall economic conditions, an in-depth bottom-up procedure of security specifics, along with statistical distribution estimates of the probability of default and loss severity provides investors with a few simple standardized letters to help quantify their investment.