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Posted by / 23-Jul-2020 18:42

Radcombobox text not updating

Once upon a time there were four friends – two Text Boxes and two Combo Boxes.They all lived happily on a WPF Window bound together in blissful MVVM harmony.

I can simply fire the event and worse case scenario, I execute an empty function body rather than throwing a Null Reference Exception. With the INotify Propety Changed in place, changing one Text Box will cause its twin to display the same value and same for the two Combo Boxes.

This is on initial page load too, so I shouldn't be needing to reset them as it is.

Hello Matt Dipietro, When the Rad Combo Box control is read-only - there is always a selected item in it.

Minor note: I am defining a derived Combo Box in my own namespace, which is also called Combo Box.

I do this so that in my XAML, I can apply the fix by prepending .

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