Prevent java 6 from auto updating

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Prevent java 6 from auto updating

The auto-update process updates only the latest JRE on your system.Versions other than the latest will not be removed as there are cases in which a user, particularly enterprise users, would need more than one version of Java on their systems.Yes, however note that users will be unable to receive public security updates after February 2013.See the Applet Deployment documentation on setting the JRE version for applets.After April 2013 further security updates to JRE 6 will only be available through My Oracle Support and will require a support contract with Oracle. By default, Java applications that are accessed through a web-browser or webstart will use the latest version of Java on the system.

The full auto-update from JRE 6 to 7 for all users is planned to be turned on in February 2013. By the time we set the rules to update from JRE 6 to 7 we expect that most Windows 32-bit users will have already been updated to the most secure version of Java.

Those users will not see additional updates as part of this upgrade, instead users that are on the latest version of JRE 6 (6u35 or above) will not be asked to auto-update until the next security update, due on February 19, 2013, rolls out.

Only at that point do we expect most users to be auto-updated to JRE 7.

See the JNLP File Syntax documentation for how to set the JRE version for a webstart application.

See the Java SE documentation for APIs, Developer guides, Release Notes and more.

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The Java auto-update mechanism is designed to keep Java users up-to-date with the latest security fixes.

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