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Perus dating custom

During the colonial period artists came from Spain and Italy and most of their art was related to religion, their paintings and sculptures are found in many churches today.

Immigrant groups such as Africans, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans have also contributed to the society, blend of cultures and ways in which Peruvians live.Many skilled craftsmen continue the tradition today.Native Amerindians still spin cotton, llama, alpaca and sheep wool into yarn and weave the yarn into cloth that will be used to make clothing and other textile.Many Peruvians are passionate about bullfighting and it is best enjoyed at Plaza de Acho, the oldest bullring in the Americas.In Plaza de Acho there are also demonstrations of In every city in Peru, where there is a plaza, there is a church.

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The most important achievement in was when the Peruvian team qualified for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico defeating and eliminating all time favorite Argentina.