Pagdating ni carlos maria dela torre

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Pagdating ni carlos maria dela torre

But two of his acts though unrelated, later provided the fuel and the spark that ignited friar reprisals, which in turn accelerated the growth of Filipino activism.

First was his open support of the call for the Filipinization of the clergy and secularization of parishes led by Filipino priest Father Jose Burgos.

As the friars became increasingly, a symbol of oppression and injustice, Filipino activism took form.

However, the Spanish friars, ever wary of civic organizations among Filipinos and with deep hatred of Rizal, reacted by having him banished to Dapitan.

In Miguel Morayta, professor at the Central University of Madrid and Grand Master of the Grande Oriente Español, they saw a true mentor and friend.

Soon they were able to establish the first Filipino Lodges in Spain, Logia Revolución, followed by Logia Solidaridad.

Then they sent Pedro Serrano Laktaw to Manila to organize Filipino Lodges. Dr Jose Rizal, author of the anti-friar novel Noli Me Tangere, arrived in 1892, and with the support of other Masonic leaders, established the Liga Filipina in Tondo on July 3, merely a week after his return.

The Liga’s constitution aimed to unite the whole archipelago into one compact, vigorous, and homogenous body; mutual protection in every want and necessity; defense against all violence and injustice; encouragement of instruction, agriculture and commerce; and study and application of reforms.

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17, 1869 paved the way for Philippines’ direct commercial relations with Spain.“It made sea travel easier from Asia to Europe and paved the way for liberal ideas and education to enter the Philippines, as brought in by ‘Illustrados” who studied in the universities in Spain,” Batuhan added.

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