Opposites attract dating website

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Opposites attract dating website

Conversely, mating with your fam can have some pretty detrimental effects. We have family photos and Facebook and to tell us who we should avoid incesting, but if you're a mouse, how are you supposed to tell if this hunk sniffing your junk is a stranger or your brother?

Some research suggests that animals have evolved an ability to distinguish between relations and strangers by smelling differences in the chemicals they make.

After all, if gorillas can use a dating app to find love, why can't I?

TRUST THE PROCESS As quite a lazy person, the concept appealed to me.

When a potential partner detects these signals (supposedly by smelling them), it creates 'chemistry'—an innate sense of attraction that can't be credited to your height, lack of debt or ability to play bass guitar.

Some dating services have tried to play off this theory in the past.

We want our genes to perpetuate, and that means finding a partner who has a beneficial genetic contribution to make.

Also, if this scientific approach to finding love doesn't work out, that's OK too.

Scientists believe it's chemicals like these that act as interpersonal sex signals.

Research has shown that mice preferentially choose to mate with mice that have a different MHC to them.

It's an interesting hypothesis but not really a new one.

As the only person in the Particle team who lacks a significant other, it was natural that I be the one to test it.

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Canada, UK and USA all had heavy representation, whereas there was only one Aussie—a 24-year-old guy from Sydney who had a Japanese manga character as his profile picture. What is it about Mr Shin-chan and I that is so perfectly compatible?

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