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For example, a round screen effectively cuts off the corners of a square screen.This method returns a sum of the enumerated values defined by the Watch Ui. OBSCURE_* constants that match the obscured screen regions on the device.Use of this method is only valid during the call to The activity timer is paused.This method is called when the activity timer goes from a running state to a paused state.It is often a case when additional business logic of an object is time consuming and is executed consistently.Such an approach has its negative impact upon the efficiency of customer part, for example, when saving or modifying entities.both allow for multiple event handlers, so calling the function multiple times and assigning different event handlers will work appropriately.

For example, when adding a new activity, you need to execute additional logic which can be executed asynchronously.

Names of event properties, method reference type and arguments follow a standard. For example, for the "Deleted" event, the respective names will be "On Deleted", "TDeleted Proc" and "TDeleted Args".

All events in Aurelius are multicast events, which means you can add several events handlers (listeners) to the same event.

For example, to access the On Inserted event of the default TMapping Explorer: The events are available in the TMapping Explorer object so the listeners will receive notifications about any event fired by any TObject Manager created that references the specified TMapping Explorer object.

In other words, the events are "global" for that mapping explorer.

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Instead, these functions might overwrite the old event handler when a new one is assigned.

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