Oledbdataadapter not updating Freesax chaline com

Posted by / 23-Feb-2020 05:35

I am unable to find out the exact problem for this.

Open(); // Start a local transaction transaction = cn1. Transaction = transaction; // Execute the commands. Also once you update rows or insert rows into the Data Table and before you send the Update command you need to accept the changes to the Data Table, something like this nothing will happen after executing the below code.

You want to modify some of the information in some or all of the columns in some or all of the rows. Another example below: "UPDATE [Sheet1$E5: E5] set F1=999" It will update E1. As long as my xlsm file is closed it only updates the first row.Appreciate if someone can help me how to solve this issue. When the file is open when I run my program it works fine ... To your question, "If i use the above code it says either error or i am unable to do (insert) anything...? ", you can create a Connection object and Command object, specify a SQL command in the Command object and then you can execute one of the Execute XXX methods of the Command object.

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F1 is just the first cell in your destination range...