Musician dating service

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Musician dating service

Now the company has begun to open the door for anything that fits under the umbrella of “whatever fits the risk/reward profile on the investor side career priorities of the artist side,” as Kotliar told me.

Livamp, a company founded by Andrew Kotliar, didn’t initially act as such a service.

It initially sought to join forces with venues, labels, and other curators to promote the events of worthwhile artists, largely through what they call a “high quality, legal video library of concerts.” Adele found an early home in venues they now stream from, according to Kotliar.

“We started out as a platform for globally discovering new talent,” he told me recently.

They started out by mimicking publishing models, facilitating a process in which investors to take minority stakes in an artist’s compositions.

They also started to move into the realm of performance; as we've seen with the Stone Foxes, sync deals on this side can generate excellent returns.

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Tastebuds, a dating app that matches people up based on their taste of music.

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