Medicated pete dating game contestants

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Apparently, she made him sleep on the couch all the time.R20, the bloat is not what is giving his boozing secret away. When a person's stuff causes problems in their everyday lives: they can't walk in their homes unless there's pathway, they can't have people over because clutter has taken over every seating area, that's hoarding.He also holds a powerful position inside the industry.

The people who worked for him seemed really afraid of him and said they'd lose their jobs if we did. It's revolting."I'm not surprised that stars and agents and producers are assholes, I'm surprised that everyone in that town just bends over and takes it."You may have heard the saying that they tilted the continent and all the nuts rolled into California.Rita was ALWAYS saying how drunk Tom was from the night before.I used to very s l o w l y refill the sugar caddy so I could hear...Maybe these were hard-learned lessons he had to find out on his own, or he was hoping to pass on to a new generation of actors better working habits than he was used to dealing with.After reading the obituary of Loretta Young's daughter, I would place her as the owner of this thread.

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It's entirely possible that no Gibson-style meltdown is in the offing with Hanks, r18, because he is very well "minded", with Rita and staff on hand (although apparently sometimes even that is not enough, and those are the occasions where cash has flowed to keep things quiet).

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