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I certainly notice that CAC coins at auction tend to sell for more money than non-CAC, and appear to sell to retail buyers/end-users more often than non-CAC coins.

Let’s say you read about an auction that contains some great Liberty Head eagles that bring very strong prices. Should you turn around and sell as soon as possible? Sometimes you get lucky and can find the underbidder who just missed out on a record-setting coin.

But more often than not he was an underbidder who might not feel so good about the level he was at a second time.

As a seller, replicating an all-time record price can prove difficult.

OK, I’ll be the first to get up in front of the group and admit that I’m an Old Holder-aholic.

I get excited by coins in older PCGS and NGC slabs and tend to overpay for them; as do most dealers.

When I buy from collectors I try to be extra-fair and pay the most that I can while still leaving some room for myself to mark-up the coin up and resell it. If so, I’d love to know what they are and for you to share them with me.

Please add them at the end of this blog or email them to me at [email protected]

Ideally, you want a sale of an individual coin (or collection) to take at least 45-60 days; possibly more for an in-depth specialized collection.

Sometimes, you have to let go of the old and embrace the new, or relocate knowing your old furnishings will be replaced with more efficient ones.

What do you as a business owner do with your older equipment now that it’s no longer of use in your new space?

But for a seller there’s a catch to this, which is why I put the “sometimes” after the statement.

If you have a ,000 old holder coin that has the potential to be a ,000 coin if it upgrades, leave it alone, and price it accordingly. But if you have a ,000 old coin coin that could be worth ,000 if it has a good upgrade….hmmm, that might necessitate regrading the coin yourself. If you don’t know how, send them to NGC’s attribution service or have a trusted collector friend do it for you. Have you fully planned what would happen to your coins if you were to suddenly die or become incapacitated?

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As someone who sells a lot of coins, I have some selling tips/tricks/thoughts that I’d like to share, specifically about selling your coins.

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