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These observations raise the possibility of improving the treatment of Hirschsprung disease by transplanting NCSCs into the aganglionic portion of the gut to generate enteric ganglia by bypassing the migrating defects.Flow-cytometrically purified NCSCs from the ENS (gut NCSCs) migrated into the developing gut and formed enteric neurons.

We found a brief report showing that some 5-hydroxytryptamine 4 receptor (5-HT Takaki directed her attention to restoration of functional recto-anal inhibitory reflex connections and defecation following resection and anastomosis in a guinea pig model and published the first evidence that serotonergic action at the 5-HTThe gut contains a large 5-HT pool in EC cells and a smaller 5-HT pool in the ENS.

The ENS provides the intrinsic innervation of the bowel, consisting of two layers of ganglia and fibers encircling the gastrointestinal tract.

The ENS is vital for life and is capable of autonomous regulation of motility and secretion.

The neural circuit insult was performed in guinea pigs and rats by rectal transection and anastomosis.

A 5-HTR-agonist, mosapride citrate (MOS) applied orally and locally at the anastomotic site for 2 weeks promoted the regeneration of the impaired neural circuit or the recovery of the distal gut reflex.

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In Hirschsprung's disease the distal bowel lacks an ENS caused by a failure of colonization by NC-derived cells.