Intimidating wife

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Intimidating wife

My parents fit that description to a T and were happily together for 73 years, married 66.

~~ She adores her parents; hates yours and you allow those feelings to determine the outcome and invitation list of family events. ~~ You’ve long ago realized that your “fix-it” reaction to her problems never is appreciated and now you just begrudgingly listen and offer no ideas or solutions.

The men in my group sincerely helped me navigate the new relationship that ended up leading to my second marriage.

I’d bring them issues and they’d give a perspective and/or advice that I just hadn’t thought of or realized. In other cases, it’s just learning that the new is simply different.

~~ She controls all the purse strings and when you want something, you dread asking for it. Ladies, do you recognize your man in the above list?

We’ve been living through a very feminized time in human history.

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What marriages do you know – well – that are successful and appear happy?

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