Interracial dating meeting family

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He hasn't met her yet, but that's primarily because my parents live on the other side of the country and don't like to travel. The only women I've dated that he's met have been (in order) Chinese, Filipino, and Indian, so I've gradually been preparing him for this all along. Dammit boobieaficionado, why couldn't you find a nice white girl to marry instead of this disgusting Chinese girl? Once again, this is really sad as it just reinforces a society in which women are pitted against each other.This can also be a problem with men, such as you getting shunned by your girlfriend’s male friends.You might even learn something too by stepping outside your cultural norms. We can’t help it if we have a preference for one type of look, such as one guy being attracted to skinny women with blond hair whereas another prefers curvy women with darker tones.

Dammit boobieaficionado, why couldn't you have stuck with that Chinese or Filipino girl or find a nice white girl instead of this...

I already knew my family wouldn't care at all.

We recently went to Switzerland to meet her family.

You will hear lyrics about “white bitches” and how successful black men will “leave your ass for a white girl.” Kanye West then went and married a white girl…Yes, women are seen as trophies and markers of success.

This is a huge problem and you need to be aware of it before you enter into an interracial dating relationship with a white woman, especially if you are black.

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As Ernest Baker points out at Gawker, it is based on years of white dominance in society.