Insert command for updating an excel spreadsheet

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Insert command for updating an excel spreadsheet

Furthermore, i'd really like to be able to update a new file (or perhaps a new page on the same file) for each company with the use of a button, similar to the one's you'd see in an access form. Can we also do this through excel application itself and not using VBA ?

I have all the Salary details in Sheet1 and in Sheet2 is Payslip. So, if the row for A is: A - CODE A - 5 I choose "ADD" (with a button or scan code), then scan the barcode, and the spreadsheet automatically finds the code in the sheet, and changes the corresponding inventory value: A - CODE A - 6 Does that make sense? I have an excel 2007 file sitting in a shared network folder.

data sources Any ideas would be great (or the dummies guide to doing the above would be helpful too). I then want to use another sheet with two cells where two dates can be entered and a button which allows you to copy the rows of data from the data sheet which have dates between the two specified originally.

Tas Hello, I have a number of different files that I often need to run a macro on. The list in the data sheet may not be in date order although I could update a macro to do this for me if needed.

People need to open the file to be able to sign up for various duty rosters.

We have an Excel spreadsheet that sits on the network.

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I have set up a spreadsheet which links to a heap of other spreadsheets. If possible I would like the macro to run every time data is entered into one of the individual worksheets.

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