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Harrison ford dating

Approaching her 53 at the time of the adoption, but was lucky enough to have the network fully support her new role as a mother.

“I feel extremely fortunate and grateful that I work for such a supportive company that offers a wonderful child-care facility, enabling me to spend a lot of time with my son while I’m working,” she said.

There are the occasional paparazzi shots from outings with his parents —which are adorable, might we add— but getting to see some more of his life would be totally interesting.

What does the son of Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford live like? Flockhart keeps a pretty low profile, and isn’t seen in the media much—which is shocking since he has such famous parents.

But leading New York columnist Cindy Adams claimed: 'Two nights ago, they had a big man-to-man conversation.

He decided he wants to be a good husband and he wants to play house and let's all make nice.' The 17-year marriage began to unravel last October when 58-year-old Harrison moved out of the Manhattan apartment he shares with Miss Mathison, a screenwriter, and their two children, Malcolm, 13, and Georgia, ten.

They got married in June 2010, with an elegant ceremony in Santa Fe.

Friends said his wife was appalled when she saw pictures of Ford with Jack Nicholson's ex-girlfriend Lara Flynn Boyle at a party in a New York club.Hollywood Life reported that Ford said, “I think Liam was about 6 or 8 months old when I met him and Calista.We have been together ever since.” The three hit it off, with Ford and Flockhart getting engaged over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2009.The break-up could have cost Ford half his estimated £120 million fortune.Yesterday his spokesman refused to discuss the actor's private life.

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