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Greece voice chat sex

” You couldn’t think, all you can feel is two beautiful men running their hands all over your body and their soft lips nipping at your neck, it was too much.

Walking up behind you, France wrapped his arms around your waist.“Tiens, why don’t we let ___ decide hm? ” Greece smiled and licked your cheek.“That’s a wonderful idea. Sleeping with a Greek can be rather exhausting.” France scoffed.“Rather, you can see why the French are the champions of love making oui?

Since you were a bit troubled sleeping that night, you proceeded to watch the rest of the movies to hopefully make you sleepy (btw, they brought 5 DVDs). I know it’s odd because it’s France x Reader, but try it and see if you like it.

While you were in the middle of watching the 4th movie, you heard several loud voices inside your bedroom. Fun fact: I know how to speak a few different languages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *SMACK* ____ quickly whipped her head around to glare at Francis.

An indifferent yawn escapes his lips as he struggles to sit up, rubbing at his face tiredly, only to fail and stay laying in the bed like an invalid.

The plushness of the pillows and mattress around him begs him to fall back asleep, but a semi-harsh grunt interrupts said desire.

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He established an ethical system based on human reason rather than theological doctrine.