Google calendar add by url not updating

Posted by / 03-Oct-2020 01:41

Google calendar add by url not updating

We’ve also added more features for enterprises to help teams schedule and prepare for meetings.

In Google Calendar, click the down arrow button beside the “Other calendars” section in the left side.

Now, it’s even easier to manage your schedule at your desk.

In the new Calendar for web, you can: There are a number of other changes in Calendar, too.

A window will pop up asking which file you’d like to import, and which calendar you’d like to add the file’s appointments to.

If you want the events added to their own calendar, create a new calendar before importing.

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The option you’re looking for is “Import calendar.” Click this and you’ll see a pop-up, in which you can paste any i Calendar URL. Your new calendar will show up in the list under “Other Calendars,” and events should show up right away.