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On the one hand, online dating does correlate with stronger, happier marriages.

But searching for these committed relationships through the wrong dating site will lead you nowhere.

This rise in online dating has divided experts into two camps: those who believe these platforms allow for more diverse, authentic connections between individuals and those who believe it stunts our social skills and relationships.

In a sense, both of these groups are probably right.

Finally, we compared pricing structures for each of these websites or apps. But if you want to access the full features of the best dating sites for serious relationships, you will probably have to pay a fee.

Fortunately, most dating platforms offer free trials or basic plans that cost nothing.

Even if you're skeptical of the whole premise, creating a profile and checking out the prospects won't hurt.

Online dating may begin on a phone or computer, but it must move into the real world to be successful.

Whether you believe in finding true love online or not, internet dating isn't for everyone.

But with 59 percent of people viewing online dating as a good way to meet people, why are the best dating sites for serious relationships seemingly so hard to find?

Fortunately, there are more of these dating sites out there than you probably realize.

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