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Cruises are a hotbed of germs, but even more so in crew quarters where workers are packed tightly together into bunks.

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’ but only had access to dumpster leavings.” “Many a night I'd wander to the staff mess and ask someone along the way what was for dinner and the reply was ‘Toast and cereal’.

They also had a pink dessert served in little metal cups, and if there was any left over, it would appear upside down, sans la cup, on a small plate the next day.

“If it was still uneaten on the third day, it became ‘Boob Food’, with a squirt of whipped-cream on the top.

Even more disgusting was the claim from an employee called Williamod84 about the chefs' cooking techniques.

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He said: “The food has an extra bit of oil and fat in it to make your s**t soft.

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