Female medical students dating

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There should be mutual respect and understanding for what each of you at doing.It sounds like he thinks he is doing all the work and you're lucky to be in his life. If he doesn't care or blackmails you by saying he's securing your future or whatever, HE' S NOT GOING TO CHANGE.Life is only going to get busier and more stressful for him He sounds like he IS taking advantage of you.It's not unreasonable to ask for a date night every month. It's a delicate balance but it's possible.I feel like I have no power to ask for change because he'll pull the "do you know how hard I work?? I feel like he's losing perspective, taking me for granted, and getting lost in his med school bubble. Edit: I would like to add that I am a social worker and my job is not a cake walk.I love it but I come home tired after anywhere from 8-12 hr days of dealing with difficult people.

When I (rarely) say I feel like we get too little time together he will say that we live together, sometimes work out together, sleep in the same bed, and eat dinner together and that's enough.

Big sign of this being his attitude and not about him being a student, is him not appreciating you doing the chores or caring for finances.

Which bit of med school stops him being appreciative?

Wife and I always take at least 1 night per week to go on a date or just spend the evening together.

It may not be convenient for your social lives or your gym life or whatever but a wise man once said "you can't always get what you want."As I see it, the problem isn't that he CAN' T give you time, it is that he doesn't appear to WANT to.

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