Evangeline lilly matthew fox dating who is kushal tandon dating

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and im pretty sure she's not 3 inches shorter than Dominic cuz there's this pic were they are barefoot and they're pretty much the same hight.

said on 5/Dec/14Hard not to have had a crush on her if you were a watcher of Lost but later on she could look a little muscular for my taste.He can quote from them and tell me about anything or anyone from 'The Lord of the Rings' or 'The Hobbit' - and even Tolkien himself!I read an interview with Evangeline in one of the 'quality' Sunday supplements and she is a lovely person from a thoroughly nice background.She was shorter then me (I'm 5"7) by a long way and SO was her (then) boyf! Don't you have pictures where in real life you looked stunning one evening and on the photos like a dork. id give her 1.66m to be sure cause she doesn't look shortish. said on 8/Jan/07Evangeline Lilly looks identical to Kate Beckinsale and both share the same Zodiac sign (LEO), both look real good and sexy but i prefer Kate sensuality : D as far as height goes, Evangeline doesnt look shorter than 5'7 but in reality she IS 5'5 (165cm) for real, i've gone through some episodes of Lost on my dvd and noticed she indeed looks a strong 5'5. I just thought I would have heard more about it in the media/ET/Access Hollywood, etc.I sometimes wonder how much it affects the success of the commercial/phone line.

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I like how that she was waiting at home for Jeremy Renner at home in The Hurt Locker but it was still not enough to keep him from going back to the warfront, it shows how far gone he is. I mean I'm no rocket scientist, nor one to brag, but She should be about 0.2 inches taller or shorter than me.

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