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[ 869, -269] They should've just admitted that they were dating because no one's going to believe that they're close senior/junior.2.[ 733, -160] All of the popular idols are really starting scandals aren't they tsk tsk. It's not the idols that are going through a hard time, but the company CEOs.Stop backstabbing the people that helped you rise to fame and treat them well, kids tsk tsk3.[ 639, -142] tsk tsk I wonder when they started sleeping with each other Netizenbuzz Basically, it's another idol's "underaged sex scandal", note that netizens did ALL of that work, but still want their vacation home to be in Hara's butthole, so it could be a case of what they're gonna do to IU.Netizens retorted again that the JYP auditions were in the summer, and Hara's pictures were clearly taken in the winter as evidenced by the Merry Christmas decorations in the room. Furthermore, Hara had short, straight bangs in her audition video, but longer, sideswept bangs in the pension photos, proving that the time doesn't match up. Her agency eventually declined to comment further on the issue once netizens began finding all this 'so called evidence'.

As Loen Entertainment and Sm Entertainment have yet to make an official statement on the situation, netizens have been digging up past connections between the two, such as their previous appearance on Strong Heart.

In related news, IU stated that she wasn’t dating anybody on SBS’s talk show, “The Go Show” that was aired on November 2.

She went on to say that if she was in a relationship, she would want to keep it a secret.

IMO, the recent comments were from LOEN (taking tips from the KKS school of PR) to try and distract people from IU but clearly it ain't working."Netizens asked the pension manager she stayed at whether there were any group reservations in the winter of 2007 under Hara's name or any of her friends, and the manager replied that there weren't."The manager still remember his/her customers from 5 years ago???

here we go again.much about the evidence netizens dug up, but isn't the age of consent in korea is 14? she was not on legal age of drinking, driving, etc, but still.

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But isn't the ones digging this up is korean netizens?