Epo agent not updating

Posted by / 01-Jun-2020 23:35

Epo agent not updating

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Do I have to set up a distributed repository or should I be able to update from the master repository?For example: Install - Windows (Patch 1) Install - Windows (Patch 2) Repost - Windows (Patch 3) PO Agent Key Updater PO Agent Key Updater (Patch 2) Repost PO Agent Key Updater (Patch3) How should I do the update?There is a checkin and update button in the software manager..I have to check it in into the evaluation branch and then press update?After the agent is upgraded to version 3.1 it will not update the dat files for VS7.At the end of the installation, e PO automatically updates the dats.

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I don't know WHY it doesn't list in e PO, I just know that constantly forcing e PO to acknowledge the product being uninstalled/reinstalled manages to fix it.