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But if you meet someone who smokes, you shouldn’t outright say, “No, I would never date a smoker.” When smoking triggers a physical reaction If you want to find a good relationship, the person you end up with will inevitably have some traits or engage in some behaviors that you don’t like.

Note that some men and women have a strong physical reaction to the smell of smoke, causing near-gagging or stomach-turning.

I hope that you can keep my good points in perspective, and that you’ll give me a chance because I really like you.” If someone won’t give you a chance because you smoke, don’t sweat it.

In fact, you would serve your self-esteem well to just think to yourself, Okay, you don’t want to give me a chance because of this one bad habit?

The vast majority of men and women who swear off dating smokers hate smoking because they have a psychological – and not a physical –reaction to it.

Plain and simple, they think smoking is disgusting.

Are you ferreting security blankets from the bottom of the laundry hamper for small fry with attachment issues?

infidelity, excessive drinking or other substance abuse, and so on.The truth is that a relationship can survive and be happy if the smoker makes certain accommodations (smokes outside, or tries to smoke mostly when you’re not around, or brushes teeth prior to kissing or getting close).If you’re the one who smokes If you are the smoker, it goes without saying that you would serve yourself well to quit.But until that point, you shouldn’t feel deeply ashamed of yourself for smoking.After all, we all have flaws and weaknesses, and smoking is simply one of yours.

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When you’re a health nut and need your partner to be a health nut, too Some people pride themselves in prioritizing physical health, including eating healthfully, exercising, and avoiding all unhealthy behaviors.