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Being nearly five years ago my memory of exactly what happened is sketchy with the exception of names and this all definitely turning out to be a ROYAL rip-off. Best Regards I've received a bunch of info from Pro Flight saying they're a new 64 bit program.

Then I go to the review pages on the internet and several people are saying it's a scam and old old software. This "new" flight simulator has been marketed under different names, including Pro Flight Simulator 2017, Virtual Pilot 3D, Flight Simulator 2017, and even Microsoft Flight Simulator 2017 (it has no affiliation with Microsoft).

It will only download the file as .tar, which will not install to PFS.

Another chunk of them aren't even the same planes as advertised.

(Example: the Antonov An-225 is replaced by the An-22, if I remember correctly).

It is very laggy on a computer that exceeds the software requirements.

In addition to all this, the site says it offers tutorials "for every aircraft." This is BLATANTLY false, it only comes with tutorials for the planes that had them originally in Flight Gear.

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The default aircraft are different as well, making it hard to find tutorials on them.

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