Dating violence crossword with answers

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The idiom “skeleton in the closet” means “secret to hide”.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the concept is more likely to be expressed as “skeleton in the cupboard”.

An areola (sometimes “areole”) in anatomy is a small ring of color, as in the areola surrounding the nipple, and the areola surrounding the pupil of the eye.

“Areola” (plural “areolae”) comes from Latin, meaning “small open space”, and is a diminutive of the Latin word “area”, meaning “open space”.

Black Friday is when many stores start the holiday shopping season, and so offer deep discounts to get ahead of the competition.

To be labeled whole milk, the butterfat content must be at least 3.25%.

Low-fat milk is defined as milk containing 0.5-2% fat, with levels of 1% and 2% commonly found on grocery store shelves.

When the third edition was published in 2007, the longest entry for a single word became the verb “put”.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most-quoted author in the OED is William Shakespeare, with his most quoted work being “Hamlet”.

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